Well Known Facts about Baby Boomers

Baby boomers is that group or cohort of people that were born in America in between 1946 and 1964.

They drive the economy in America; they also influence the politics of the day and the current lifestyle for close to three decades.

There are some facts that are well known about them and these are:

  1. They are careful spenders- As much as they are not cheap people to be taken for granted, they do not spend their finances aimlessly.
  2. The level of education is high- A census that was carried out in Colorado shows that about 69.6% of the boomers have studied to the college level among the ten states where they live over 50% of them have experience in college education.
  3. Kind supporters of their children who are over 18 years but below 39.

This was according to a survey carried out which proved that boomers who are parents of the children who are between 18-39 comfortably support them financially.

  1. Active members of the society- Boomers are believed to have remained active to date though some of them have reached the retirement age and are fit to be called seniors. Research also shows that they keep on influencing the world economically and politically.
  2. That from the year 2011, they started turning the age of 65, which is the standard retirement age and for the next eighteen years from 2011, every day, 10,000 boomers will be celebrating their birthdays.
  3. The last four presidents of the U. S are boomers all born in 1946 except Barack Obama who was born in 1963 and is the last born boomer president for now. The other three George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump were born in 1946 making it a state that has significantly been led by Boomers.
  4. The highest populated state in the U.S by the Boomers is Maine. Studies have shown that the total population of Boomers in Maim is 36.8% of the states total population. The other top 5 on the list that are; West Virginia, New Hampshire, Montana, and Vermont.
  5. The rate of the Boomers currently living in the US is on the rise even though they were born in a different country, but they have so far migrated and settled there.
  6. Boomers have learned the art of online and at least 82% of them are engaged in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and studies have proved to it that they research on updated news and politics online.

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