Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Women and Money: 3 Secrets for Building Serious Wealth


Women and Money just happens to be one of my favorite topics of all time, and in this video I sit down with Amanda Steinberg, CEO of the hugely popular site www.dailyworth.com to talk about women and money and the weird hang-ups women can have around out-earning men and managing wealth.

Daily Worth is a seriously popular site that offers easy to understand personal finance how-to tips and step-by-step instructions that help subscribers better understand and manage the sometimes-complicated relationship between women and money.

In this video, you’ll learn three of the most essential steps you can start implementing immediately to really own your personal finances. You’ll also learn why it’s so important that women get over their money problems and start learning how to invest and focus on wealth building…not just on making more money and then spending it all.

According to Amanda, the topic of women and money is more important now than ever before. Women’s roles are changing– many are even now their family’s main breadwinner! But despite the changing times, women still have some funky feelings about making more money than their man,
partly because many women never received a real financial education.

Here are Amanda Steinberg’s top personal finance how to tips to help with money problems:
Tip #1: Sign up for Daily Worth emails to start really educating yourself on personal finances.
Tip #2: Set up two accounts: a “curveball” account with at least $500 in it and an basic, beginner’s investment account with a platform like ETrade with $100 in it.
Tip #3: Own and embrace your ambition.

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