Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Women and Money: 3 Secrets for Building Serious Wealth


Women and Money just happens to be one of my favorite topics of all time, and in this video I sit down with Amanda Steinberg, CEO of the hugely popular site www.dailyworth.com to talk about women and money and the weird hang-ups women can have around out-earning men and managing wealth.

Daily Worth is a seriously popular site that offers easy to understand personal finance how-to tips and step-by-step instructions that help subscribers better understand and manage the sometimes-complicated relationship between women and money.

In this video, you’ll learn three of the most essential steps you can start implementing immediately to really own your personal finances. You’ll also learn why it’s so important that women get over their money problems and start learning how to invest and focus on wealth building…not just on making more money and then spending it all.

According to Amanda, the topic of women and money is more important now than ever before. Women’s roles are changing– many are even now their family’s main breadwinner! But despite the changing times, women still have some funky feelings about making more money than their man,
partly because many women never received a real financial education.

Here are Amanda Steinberg’s top personal finance how to tips to help with money problems:
Tip #1: Sign up for Daily Worth emails to start really educating yourself on personal finances.
Tip #2: Set up two accounts: a “curveball” account with at least $500 in it and an basic, beginner’s investment account with a platform like ETrade with $100 in it.
Tip #3: Own and embrace your ambition.

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  2. KristinWilliamson1

    I’m not quite sure …
    I’m not quite sure what it means to be financially unsavvy. Do the bills, savings, ira, “spending money.” Pay two extra mortgage notes a year. Don’t spend more than you earn, save half of anything left over after bills. I’m unsavvy with anything other than that. ex. investments, how to deal with taxes.

  3. caribeandiva

    I want women to not …
    I want women to not be scared of money. Caring about money doesn’t make you greedy, selfish, or a gold digger. If you’re scared of handling your own money how can you expect someone else to handle it for you with YOUR best interest in mind?

  4. MsHauteBrandy

    I just finished my …
    I just finished my personal SWOT analysis, one of my weaknesses is money! I tried googling single mom financial courses but all that came up was info regarding welfare. Things that make you go hmmm! Thank you Universe for pointing me in the right direction;) I love when things line up…like taking a walk and pretty flower after flower pop up! I would love to see something for single mothers specifically, since we are the largest growing demographic around the world!! I am so glad I found Marie!

  5. maurika wells

    silly! of course …
    silly! of course women are influential in the financial world. admittedly I am the 90%, sadly, who are not financially savvy until NOW! yes! thank you. getting that roth going and the curve ball account. love. I would like to see change in the world, but more specifically (because I think we are behind) in our nation, in the way we address death. I am the administrator of a hospice and it is amazing to me how our culture disconnects dying from our life process. How crazy is that??

  6. KristinWilliamson1

    Please do a video …
    Please do a video with her on ambition! I’d love to hear that ;)

  7. imsatindoll

    rest of the finaid …
    rest of the finaid advice in this video….very good

  8. imsatindoll

    “women overtake men …
    “women overtake men as breadwinners” I dont like it. I like that women are becoming financially saavy…..that is very important especially if you are living alone. I wouldnt want that ability to be taken away. However I dont want that same financial ability be taken away from my husband or men in general. Just because a woman is doing her thing financially doesnt give men excuse to sit back and just watch her. He should do his thing financially as well! So no that doesnt look good to me.

  9. MissyT47

    I loved this video …
    I loved this video so much, thank you! My vision is to create more wealth in my family doing what I truly love to do so that my husband can do what he loves to do. I’m working on that right now!

  10. PeaceUdo

    I have like zero …
    I have like zero money so…

  11. PeaceUdo

    You’ll end up …
    You’ll end up having more money in the ira by the time you use it if you start in highschool

  12. prophetessone

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this valuable information!

  13. websuccessdiva

    This is absolutely …
    This is absolutely brilliant and so important for women to start getting their financial house in order! Love it, Marie you rock :-)

  14. SmeadOrganomics

    Marie, we LOVE your …
    Marie, we LOVE your videos! Thank you for providing these awesome tools for women. Smead is proud to be Woman-Owned and support Women in Business.

  15. andreagrimaldi

    I expect that the …
    I expect that the world understands that it is not about sexes, but about human beings! no divisions, no genital-related treatment or salaries. We can all make money, and these are advises that we can all use. Yeah, we as women are getting more money, so what? That doesn’t necessarily means getting “richer”. It has to be about all aspects in life, not only money. I expect a world of union, of shared responsabilities and shared ambitions.

  16. dawndelrusso

    so major for women …
    so major for women..fantastic advice ladies! Thank you!

  17. joestauffacher

    The BEST investment …
    The BEST investment anyone can make is the only guaranteed investment… LIFE INSURANCE…. you will die guaranteed. Whole life, Universal Life, or Universal Variable Life.

  18. joestauffacher

    Suggesting a Roth …
    Suggesting a Roth IRA is a bit premature, yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s a good government sponsored investment vehicle. Why trust a government sponsored investment? The focal point for all people when it comes to making money must be passive income, aka cash flow. Are you spending money on things that pay you aka assets or are you spending money like you have a hole in your pocket. For a person to first invest in a IRA as a savings without investing in cash flow assets is a mistake. Cash flow is king

  19. taramichelucci

    You two rock it!
    You two rock it!

  20. omgitsyary

    lovin the cribs …
    lovin the cribs style intro haha

  21. anigerRF

    Investments is one …
    Investments is one of my favorite topics. It should be at the top of every girl’s shopping list before they buy any thing else.

  22. 44yyBBaakk

    This ideas aren’t …
    This ideas aren’t new, but i liked the way you did it) anyway the secret is not to know such things, but to DO them and not to be afraid

  23. WealthWithVitoria

    We are the richer …
    We are the richer Sex!
    Awesome interview Marie! This is getting better and better!


  24. dionjohnson100

    I want us to raise …
    I want us to raise RICHER SONS so they become the leaders, husbands, and fathers they were born to be

  25. BreRoz

    Signed up!
    Signed up!