Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Wealth Building Network builds with potential member in Coventry, Rhode Island

Wealth Building Network signs new member in Coventry, Rhode Island which proves to be a lucrative location for the Network to attract new members. Kayaking, Outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, Exercise room, Game room, Martial Arts, Yoga, Lawful study, Astrology, Business 101, History, Moorish Science and moor..Wealth Building Network asks the 4 million $ questions: Who are you? What is your nationality? What is your Birthday? What connects you to your land? and Do you have any money? If you answer correctly, you have access to millions. If you don’t know the answers to at least three questions please call and join us in CLASS. You are still a slave. We study the Law in order to Know our proper status and reserve and protect our rights. We encourage effective communication with Authority in order to receive a favorable reply. We cover the basic foundation of the Law. We address current events and how we can respond with accelerated magical solutions! Building Wealth Through:
*Solutions & Systems that work
*New technology, changing the way we communicate
*Practical wealth building principles & techniques that generate positive cash flow daily
*Learn to make life better through ownership
*Effective communication & Wealth Building (Strong Support Systems)
*Experience: “Change in Your Lifestyle”
Become a Member, Membership Benefits Include:
T.R.U.S.T. – Treated Right Using Spiritual Thought
(Establish Trust Account)
F.U.N.D.S. – Freedom Using Natural Development Systematically
Conscious Action Spiritual Harvest
Facts Leverage Ownership Wealth
& Ongoing Leadership Development
Learn to properly maintain and grow your Business:
Become Debt Free and Financially Independent
No Moor Running! Do what you love and love what you do. Build a Team and learn the art of comingling our mission and vision in order to create a win/win relationship. We show members through CLASS how to become healthy, wealthy, successful property owners: “Martial Arts” “Rites of Passage” “Business 101” “Lawful Study” Garveyism “Relationship Focus” Astrology “Wealth Building” Spirituality “Heal Thy Self Fitness. Join us online @ www.cbpm.org/wealthbuildingnetwork call and schedule a one on one appointment 313 820 6549 or 313 828 8871

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