Is traditional Medicare better than applying for a Medicare Advantage Plan

In a Medicare Advantage Plan the government cuts a check per person per month to the private health insurer who coordinates and finances that person’s health care.

The plan majority follows

There are about 52 million people in the US enrolled to some sorts of healthcare benefit services. The vast are above the age of 65.

30% out of that 52 million opt out of the traditional Medicare or Original Medicare and select some private insurance plan for a Medicare Advantage Plan.

The remaining 70% still remain with traditional Medicare where if they go to the hospital or doctors pays a visit, the govt directly pays the hospital or the physician for their care. Traditional Medicare acts as a fee for service

So, does it mean Medicare Advantage Plan is not better than Original Medicare

2019 Medicare Advantage is a large program because it covers 30% of all Medicare recipients and every passing year it is crawling a lot. It has doubled over the last 8 to 9 years. There is a lot of comparison between Medicare Advantage Plan and the traditional Medicare, like people getting better quality care if they have opted for Medicare Advantage Plan that for a fee-for-service or are they in better health outcomes for having a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Question is if you are raising your pay how much better service are you getting

Traditional Medicare will always have more customers

Traditional Medicare tends to have more providers in the network so it most hospitals and physicians contacts with traditional Medicare at their first choice. However, a private insurer may contact some more physicians perhaps very high-quality physicians who did not contract with Original Medicare plan.

In most of the cases it is seen that Medicare Advantage Plan cover services above and beyond what Traditional Medicare covers. So their premium will sometimes be higher than traditional Medicare but that is partly because they offer more.

Each insurer can tailor the level of benefits that it offers to their customer.

Choosing an insurer depends on the fair amount of flexibility to tailor their benefits for their Medicare Advantage Plan across the county but they must at least provide a level of benefits as generous as traditional Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plan can’t undercut traditional Medicare, at least on paper.

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