25 Reps @ BW Bench Press Contest – Furious Fitness Ep. 2 w/Pete

See the Winners Here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfhHnHu4fR8
Click ‘Like’ and Submit your video response by June 1st! Contest Rules Below. The person who benches 25 repetitions at their body weight the fastest will win a $75 gift card to Bodybuilding.com as well as a Furious Pete shirt of their choice.

Rules for this contest:
1. Must weight themselves on camera
2. Must show weight on plates
3. No Bouncing of barbell on chest. I rather you go to just before hitting your chest then bouncing off the barbell.
4. No lifting your off the bench. VERY IMPORTANT – Make sure that if you are lifting in a powerlifting style that your is CLEARLY on the bench during the entire video. I don’t want to question a video, I want to make it a point blank win.
5. You can re-rack the bar as much as you want. Just make sure you lock out on every rep.
6. Must say at the beginning of the video that you are doing the Furious Fitness or Furious Pete Bench Press Contest.
7. Submit entries by June 1st, Good luck!

*Video responses not related to this contest will be deleted.

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Video filmed at http://www.elementcrossfit.com

Special Thanks to Melissa (@MellDiiva) for Filming – http://www.youtube.com/crossfitmac

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iFitness: best fitness app for iPhone

iFitness is the outstanding iPhone fitness app that will definitely become your number one app for working out either at home or at the gym. This is the only fitness tool you need other than yourself. iFitness brings you everything you need to know about working out with multiple useful features. It presents all exercises in four comprehensive ways: text descriptions, audio instructions, HD images, and HD videos. You can easily sort exercises by equipment, muscle, and body type up to your convenience. BMI calculator and exercise logging allow tracking your progress and move toward your goals.

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Sexy Loser: Fitness & Diet

Any questions? Ask me on my FACEBOOK!

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Turn Me On Fitness!

Become a BodyRocker and Get in the best shape of your life at home for free. Don’t miss a workout!
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Protein & Fat Loss Supplements:

Balance Ball, Skipping Rope, Exercise Mats & Pull Up Bars:

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P90X Extreme Home Fitness Review

In this video I review the very popular P90X fitness program and then give you a free alternative thats even better. I get asked so often what I think of the P90X program that I thought it important to do a video on the subject.

Here is what I say about P90X

• “Anything that gets people excited about working out regularly is a very good thing and people get very, very excited about P90X.”

Good points first: P90X is simple, you just look at your calendar and see which DVD to pop in. P90X has brought fitness into the lives of countless people who would otherwise be couch potatoes, they have made fitness popular and I applaud them for that.

Now the bad points. The biggest problem in my opininon is that the program is used to push their expensive supplements and other products, this is really slimy in my opinon. The other problem is that the program is very limited, it doesnt grow with you as your ability grows. Another thing I worry about is that the “90 day” program encourages dangerous short term thinking. To me fitness and true health is a lifestyle, not a 90 day project. Minor complaints are that people find the program boring toward the end and get tired of hearing the same jokes time and time again -ah, deal with it.

People get good results from P90X but people get GREAT results from using my free website and videos and I dont recommend you buy *anything*!. Do this, check the success stories on the P90X website and then check out the success stories on my website and you will see what I mean – you be the judge.

My philosophy is that you dont need to buy anything to build a great physique. You can do it at home without supplements, books, DVDs or fancy machines. Building a great physique is within everyones reach regardless of financial means. My free website and videos show you how to gain muscle and lose fat at home just like the P90X program.

You can ask me questions on my facebook page:

For more information on home workouts, please see my free website (no advertising either):


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Fitness Is SEXY FTW!

Follow Zuzana’s workouts at her fitness blog: http://www.BodyRock.Tv

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Strength Exercise Workouts- Planche, Muscle Ups, Handstand, Pushups, Front Back Levers- Tutorials

This is an ongoing workout series that is going to be done by Sam Tribble. I’m excited to announce his presence with Strength Project as he will be bringing much of his knowledge to share with all of us. He will be doing tutorials on how to do a planche and planche pushups, handstand and handstand pushups, various dips and pushups, pull ups, muscle ups and a variety of other exercises. Make sure you subscribe to stay in tune!

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UK cover model, Rob Riches, takes to the stage after a year off since winning in 2009, the WBFF World Championships, against 4 other top pro male fitness models in Toronto, Canada, on 27th August 2011. The top placings were awarded to: 3rd – Ryan John-Baptiste, 2nd – Obi Obadike, 1st, James Ellis, with Rob Riches and David Kimmerle making up the remaining top 5.

For a full look at Rob’s entire 12-week training approach to the competition, check out his daily blog at: www.robrichesfitness.com and for more exclusive videos on nutrition, training, and modeling, check out www.robriches.com

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How To Lose Your Love Handles Exercise

http://www.youtube.com/creators?x=nextup_YMCjsiScnn8 Vote for me for the YouTube NextUp Program!!! People want to know how to lose their love handles! Cardio will help burn the fat around your mid section, but if you don’t have much weight to lose, then these resistance training moves will help slim down your waist.
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Twitter – http://twitter.com/dietsarah
My Examiner – http://www.examiner.com/x-1841-Boston-Fitness-Examiner
iTunes – itpc://SarahFit.blip.tv/rss/itunes/

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13 Minute Fitness Meal

In this video I’m going to show you a quick meal for muscle gain and fat loss. Five awesome things about this meal:

1 its so easy that even I can make it
2 it tastes great
3 its quick! takes less than 15 minutes
4 no shopping trip, its all in yoru freezer
5 no mess, cook it on your BBQ

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