Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Granholm: Health care issue is real and personal, not abstract and political

The health care debate isn’t about political theory or semantics, it’s about people’s lives. Jennifer Granholm says voters will see through the rhetoric and defy Republicans who push for taking away people’s coverage, who fight against the freedom people should have to live without fear of sickness and crippling debt. Granholm says, “Republican leaders, you want your campaign slogans to be: “Vote for me and I’ll take your child’s health insurance away… Good luck with that.”
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12 Comments on “Granholm: Health care issue is real and personal, not abstract and political”

  1. shraka

    Similar actions – …
    Similar actions – not the same.

  2. brionnakennedy

    Exactly i think the …
    Exactly i think the republicans can and will get away scot-free w/o enacting the law while the American ppl are asleep at the wheel

  3. rxlm89

    Meh… we’re a …
    Meh… we’re a corporate dictatorship anyway. D.C.’s been bought and sold ages ago. Constitution? Meh… irrelevant. D or R politicians are essentially bought mouthpieces for the corporations, or shall I say, “people.” “D” or “R” makes a lick of difference these days. Different letter, same actions.

  4. xadam2dudex

    that sounds more …
    that sounds more like blackmail than enforcing the laws passed by congress and to which these people have sworn an oath to uphold..governors to not have arbitray powers to pick and choose laws …they r not dictators they are public servants administrators nothing more

  5. rxlm89

    Only if that were …
    Only if that were feasible. For me being progressive, even I think that’s a bit excessive. A better way is denying GOP states/governors any type of federal funding for schools, highways, medicare, etc until they get the message that not following the healthcare law is wrong for working folks that don’t have healthcare.

  6. xadam2dudex

    no that would be …
    no that would be enforcing the law.. governors do not have the right to decise not to enforce laws duly passed

  7. factualism4u

    Nice sob story but …
    Nice sob story but the reality is that this bill will do little for this woman’s son. He will still be refused the care he needs because profits are more important then people when it comes to private business. People like her son will be placed in whats called ” high risk pools” & medicaid will be what covers her son. Medicaid is notorious for offering the least expensive care possible because it can’t afford to pay for the people on it now, add in another 17 million people and. See a problem ?

  8. jag10

    Granholm is full …
    Granholm is full of shit.

  9. jag10

    That would be …
    That would be unconstitutional. You likely dictatorship?

  10. waswestkan

    Even if the …
    Even if the supports of health care reform can match it’s opponents dollar for dollar I feel they will be timid to use the language given the here for free in campaign ads, even if it’s shown to be honest after vetting. I think it we should take to calling it RObama care care seeing it’s really similar to Romney care .in many aspects.

  11. the1janitor

    you severely …
    you severely underestimate the stupidity of the American people, Jennifer

  12. xadam2dudex

    arrest every …
    arrest every governor that refuses to enact the law.. throw them in prison until they do sign the necessary documents..let em rot in prison I’d love for them to be shipped to Gitmo