Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

25 Reps @ BW Bench Press Contest – Furious Fitness Ep. 2 w/Pete

See the Winners Here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfhHnHu4fR8
Click ‘Like’ and Submit your video response by June 1st! Contest Rules Below. The person who benches 25 repetitions at their body weight the fastest will win a $75 gift card to Bodybuilding.com as well as a Furious Pete shirt of their choice.

Rules for this contest:
1. Must weight themselves on camera
2. Must show weight on plates
3. No Bouncing of barbell on chest. I rather you go to just before hitting your chest then bouncing off the barbell.
4. No lifting your off the bench. VERY IMPORTANT – Make sure that if you are lifting in a powerlifting style that your is CLEARLY on the bench during the entire video. I don’t want to question a video, I want to make it a point blank win.
5. You can re-rack the bar as much as you want. Just make sure you lock out on every rep.
6. Must say at the beginning of the video that you are doing the Furious Fitness or Furious Pete Bench Press Contest.
7. Submit entries by June 1st, Good luck!

*Video responses not related to this contest will be deleted.

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Video filmed at http://www.elementcrossfit.com

Special Thanks to Melissa (@MellDiiva) for Filming – http://www.youtube.com/crossfitmac

Duration : 0:4:13

25 Comments on “25 Reps @ BW Bench Press Contest – Furious Fitness Ep. 2 w/Pete”

  1. Dan San

    shit I cant …
    I cant believe I missed this, I do 110kg / 225 pounds 18 reps just to warm up

  2. PolanPrivjet

    You look 228
    You look 228

  3. TheRealCamCondo



  4. Kainj1000


  5. Mehoff Jawq


  6. MrRafusa

    I have also made a …
    I have also made a Tumblr to show my progress and to help anyone get to there goal. If you or anyone you know may want advice on fitness send them to my channel or my Tumblr. I really want to help as many people as I can get to their goals as I work to reach my own goals. Thank you very much. Your support means a lot to me. (visit channel for Tumblr account)

  7. MrRafusa

    I’m working my way …
    I’m working my way to getting the national high school bench record for my weight class. I have my state record now. Stop by my channel, and subscribe for my updates/progress. I’m devoting all my time to this goal and I need support.

  8. RsPsFancy

    I should of done …
    I should of done this I weight 150 and I can bench press 160 25 times max :/

  9. ftlptba

    25 of my own …
    25 of my own weight? i cant even lift my own weight

  10. wowkamakone

    the mucsels give …
    the mucsels give him more weight

  11. MrBlack69Ops

    dont lock out …
    dont lock out elbows!

  12. Mycommentsgethumbsup

    you dont look 227. …
    you dont look 227….

  13. weeeheeeheeed

    i can’t even do …
    i can’t even do one rep x)

  14. pronidalee

    dam shes hot…
    dam shes hot…

  15. coachrollieworkouts

    Nice contest! The …
    Nice contest! The bodyweight thing really makes it fair for everyone.

  16. Portlaoise50

    excellent …
    excellent impression in those pants.

  17. ILLOPA

    yes, and that is …
    yes, and that is his bodyweight

  18. CenkIsAdorable

    You can see the …
    You can see the outline of his penis.

  19. Millsyx5

    Oh I just realize …
    Oh I just realize it was how FAST u could do 25 reps in not how many reps u can do in a minute

  20. Millsyx5

    Yes I got 37 yet I …
    Yes I got 37 yet I only weigh 40 kilos and I’m going into a comp of the worlds strongersn13 year old

  21. BMoney01234

    This challenge is …
    This challenge is pretty close! I say, tie breaker = best legit lift 1RM WILKS formula! :D

  22. Bulif

    i hate …
    i hate those kind of pants becuase everytime your strethcing them out, your whole dick is going to be visible such as in 2:02 and forward. No im not gay just makiing a point

  23. Southportzz

    he’s lifting …

    he’s lifting 227 pounds…

  24. hardstylerforlife1

    im sorry pete but …
    im sorry pete but the rep scheme for this contest is stupid.

  25. nemen91

    crap I was to late …
    crap I was to late :(