Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Leg Slimming Exercises

http://www.diet.com/videos/ Try these leg slimming exercises to get into bikini body shape this summer with the help of diet.com video host Sarah Dussault and certified personal trainer Jessica Bergenfield.

Featured exercise moves: Curtsy Lunge, Side Lunge and Jump Sumo Squat

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Duration : 0:2:23

25 Comments on “Leg Slimming Exercises”

  1. 143Nora

    how many times …
    how many times should we do this at day?

  2. Jon Massey

    To keep up to …
    To keep up to speed with all that’s new in the world of slimming, including hints and tips, news articles and our latest offers, follow us on twitter now! @NaturalTweetsUK

  3. PrettyPrincess2614

    Type in “Workout …
    Type in “Workout like SNSD 1/2″ and click on the first link.

  4. stickinss

    please send me …
    please send me link <3

  5. TaeyeonFan87

    But it works for me …
    But it works for me?

  6. Monikar728

    does anyone else …
    does anyone else agree that it sounded like she was gonna say “f*cked up” instead of “ramped up” lol ?

  7. PrettyPrincess2614

    Type in “Workout …
    Type in “Workout like SNSD 1/2″ and click on the first link.

  8. Tinii3Mel

    please give me a …
    please give me a link to SNSDs workout with eng sub

  9. hptriogal

    Aw, so sad…it’s …
    Aw, so sad…it’s still super fun to do!!! And it definitely worked for me! PROM…HERE I COME!!!!! :D

  10. HeirOfGlee

    It dont work
    It dont work

  11. adityasasi

    Hey! Have you ever …
    Hey! Have you ever tried the Fat Blast Furnace (do a google search)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend shed a ton of useless fat.

  12. ellacandy1

    Ugly legs..
    Ugly legs..

  13. bluehawk64

    Is anyone else …
    Is anyone else amused by how easy it is to become a “certified” person trainer, but in this video Jessica is considered a “fitness expert”?

  14. abood89100

    فك يوم اوووول …
    فك يوم اوووول امريكن بتش

  15. 96music4eva

    Am I the only one …
    Am I the only one amused by the fact that we are trying to get thinner by doing something with “Sumo” in it! XD

  16. lalalauren409

    but ur legs are so …
    but ur legs are so thick? i want muscle, not in bulk though.

  17. missanj619

    and dose it work???
    and dose it work???

  18. missanj619

    sorry i dident …
    sorry i dident catch that can you just tell me again how many times do you do 1 excerise?

  19. MrsGothicbunni

    Did she almost say …
    Did she almost say fuck? xD

  20. ZyrahCleveland

    My sister is …
    My sister is watching this video and I tried the ‘Sumo Squat Jumps’ *CRACKS* and after that I was like “OH GOD WHAT THE HECK!! MY MIDDLE FINGER” but this video is really great! great job

  21. hptriogal

    lol. It’s okay. …
    lol. It’s okay. You’re welcome! ^-^

  22. 06haneul

    oh, sorry.. i …
    oh, sorry.. i didn’t notice it.. thanks! :)

  23. hptriogal

    I’m pretty sure the …
    I’m pretty sure the video is in the playlist right next to these comments; I mean, I’m staring at it as I type this. It’s titled “Workout like SNSD 1/2.”

  24. 06haneul

    could you please …
    could you please give me the link to SNSD leg workout? thanks a lot! :)

  25. ThePrettyprincess165

    merci beaucoup …
    merci beaucoup chèrie i really hope it’ll work