Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Fitness – Boot Camp Workout 1: Burpee’s Exercise

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Duration : 0:1:32

25 Comments on “Fitness – Boot Camp Workout 1: Burpee’s Exercise”

  1. Ichmeis

    Great body……..
    Great body……..

  2. Superman1281

    Powerful exercise! …
    Powerful exercise! do as many as possible and see if you dont wanna passout afterwards.

  3. lawman1971b

    though workout! …
    though workout! simple and effective!

  4. atticanibal

    daaammmnnn … …
    daaammmnnn …couldnt focus on what she was sayin ….

  5. boysunog61

    her body is not …
    her body is not that muscular, she is right perfect

    she is just lean no body fats and proportioned

    those skinny girls with big breast and big butts will not last long in that look

    this lady will last longer in good shape

    and when i mean she can last longer
    SHe will last longer longer if you know what i mean

  6. Tommymang

    Good workout ! …
    Good workout ! Great body ! Hope your neighbours were not at home ;-)

  7. dreadedhalo

    mo legs than a …
    mo legs than a bucket of chicken, damn!

  8. dialgova36

    increible que …
    increible que cuerpo tan bello

  9. chillichomper

    I don’t think she’s …
    I don’t think she’s over muscular. She looks pretty friggen good. Are you afraid they’d kick yer ass?

  10. assure2009

    too bad, chump. i …
    too bad, chump. i like my woman just like her… sexy and energetic…

  11. stronken2

    she’s hot!
    she’s hot!

  12. Metsada007

    Women shoudn’t have …
    Women shoudn’t have too much muscles. Women should stop pretending to be men.

  13. grahamgg87

    well fit, hot lol
    well fit, hot lol

  14. giacpuelles

    she is hoooottttttt …
    she is hoooottttttt, holy sh….

  15. thisismyytname

    poor wooden floor …
    poor wooden floor :(

  16. taoist32

    Her name is Zuzana …
    Her name is Zuzana. Maybe her husband’s name is Charlie.

  17. jrs89

    This looks like …
    This looks like some sort of exercise a military would use for training.

  18. Sarkoshit

    Zuzana is from …
    Zuzana is from Czech rep. like me. Recognizing czech accent and name…

  19. TwistedPizzaDude

    My Wushu Class used …
    My Wushu Class used to do 30 before and after each class, but if you slacked around or weren’t working you hardest, you had to do 50 burpees. I remember one class, I did 160 burpess. Not fun :(

  20. vipero00

    yes this would make …
    yes this would make your vids better if your goal is fitness. To much cutting to different angles like its a music video.

    You use great lightning too which is awesome as you get great colors and proper shadowing.

  21. gootch420

    this woman is soo …
    this woman is soo bomb! and her accent holy shit!

    sexyy as fuck!

  22. Hootz99

    She is soooo hot …
    She is soooo hot when she is sweaty.. ;)

  23. NocturnalTerror

    charlie,you are …
    charlie,you are insanely attractive,and i bet extremely healthy as well

  24. GeetarGuy101

    I had to do 40 of …
    I had to do 40 of these for my junior red arm band in muay thai. :) LOL

  25. richd506

    Oh my god! …
    Oh my god! This girl is so hot it’s ridiculous…