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25 Reps @ BW Bench Press Contest – Furious Fitness Ep. 2 w/Pete

See the Winners Here –
Click ‘Like’ and Submit your video response by June 1st! Contest Rules Below. The person who benches 25 repetitions at their body weight the fastest will win a $75 gift card to as well as a Furious Pete shirt of their choice.

Rules for this contest:
1. Must weight themselves on camera
2. Must show weight on plates
3. No Bouncing of barbell on chest. I rather you go to just before hitting your chest then bouncing off the barbell.
4. No lifting your off the bench. VERY IMPORTANT – Make sure that if you are lifting in a powerlifting style that your is CLEARLY on the bench during the entire video. I don’t want to question a video, I want to make it a point blank win.
5. You can re-rack the bar as much as you want. Just make sure you lock out on every rep.
6. Must say at the beginning of the video that you are doing the Furious Fitness or Furious Pete Bench Press Contest.
7. Submit entries by June 1st, Good luck!

*Video responses not related to this contest will be deleted.

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Special Thanks to Melissa (@MellDiiva) for Filming –

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iFitness: best fitness app for iPhone
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Flat-Belly Foods (Diet & Fitness Guru)

Ask any 4 people to name their LEAST favorite body part, and chances are one of them will say their belly. If this sounds like you, watch this and make a change!

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How accurate do you thing this fitness assessment is?

Why is important to conduct a fitness assessment?
How accurate do you thing this fitness assessment is?
Do you think it correctly assesses all the components of physical fitness?
What are the strengths?
What are the weaknesses?
Do you know of any other fitness assessments?

To start with, Specialists an identical problem several minutes prior also it integrated my very own suggestions for muscle tissue work outs thus proceed see that. I am not saying overly good using the food items in addition to fat end than me, however may suggest adding in riding a bicycle for your regular if at all possible. Try shopping web pages that has to do with exercise in your period in addition to even if.

Sexy Loser: Fitness & Diet

Any questions? Ask me on my FACEBOOK!

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Fitness Is Sexy Workout

Become a BodyRocker and Get in the best shape of your life at home for free. Don’t miss a workout!
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Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation 2!

Visit and join for all the info and motivation you need to achieve your ideal physique.


Song: Modestep – Sunlight

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CrossFit – Fashion to Fitness

When Laura Dziak first started CrossFit, she was mildly concerned about bulking up. What preoccupied her more, however, was doing a workout as RX’d. Today, she’s gained a total of 15 lb. of muscle but is still a Size 0.

As a member of CrossFit Reston in Virginia, the former model ditched her old image for a new one.

“I would not say that being muscular or being fit was encouraged as a model,” Dziak says. “It was all about being skinny, being a Size 0, double 0. That whole skinny-fat thing that exists where a girl is a Size 0 but she’s got no tone on her was completely acceptable.”

Not only has her body changed “for the better” since starting CrossFit, but Dziak also competed for the first time last year. In the end, she didn’t make the box’s team, which finished 23rd at last year’s Games, but she was an alternate.

“Just daily activities, I feel so much more confident doing things, lifting things that I think the average girl would shy away from,” she says.

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What states do not require a fitness test to be a juvenile probation officer?

I would like to be a Juvenile PO, but I am not sure if I could pass the physical fitness test in Oregon. Are there States that don’t require a fitness test?

According to The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (the people who license and test probation officers in Oregon) there is no physical agility test of any sort.
There is a medical physical but no fitness test.

I have never heard anything even suggesting a fitness or agility test for any probation officer anywhere in the US

How do you become a fitness coach for a professional sports team?

Professional sports teams have fitness coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and whatever else. How did these guys get the job? Were they just well know personal trainers? If you need to know a sport, I’d wanna be a stregth coach for the Broncos.

Go to college and get a degree.
Start off at a lower level and get to know people in the business.