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What is Wealth? Building Wealth 2 Xtreme Starting With $5 What is wealth? Say goodbye to those tired internet marketing tactics that just doesn’t work anymore. Wealth2Xtreme turns making money online into a fast paced extreme sport! Start with only $5 and make a killing online and in the comfort of you own home. Soon you’ll thank us and tell your boss to go to hell! No more financial struggles, just take $5 and start building wealth today.

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Andy Burnham @AndyBurnhamMP Shadow Health Secretary is @Out4Marriage, are you?

Andy Burnham @AndyBurnhamMP Shadow Secretary of State for Health, is @Out4Marriage, are you?

Create your own video and upload your video to

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Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation 2!

Visit and join for all the info and motivation you need to achieve your ideal physique.


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Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight (free article with full details). Free online safe and healthy weight loss yoga program. This set includes potent, yet simple, hatha and kundalini yoga exercises to help reduce weight, burn fat, tone muscles and get fit. The set combines powerful breathing techniques with yoga exercises to promote rapid weight loss.

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Bob Johnson on Wealth Building and

Bob Johnson speaks about Wealth Creation, Financial management, career advice and OppsPlace is a new company created to connect multicultural businesses, job seekers and companies committed to diversity launching Feb. 13th 2012.

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iMPak Health – RhythmTrak Cardiovascular Mobile Health & Wellness Application

iMPak Health, LLC announced the launch of their new product, RhythmTrak, a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled cardiovascular mobile health and wellness application. RhythmTrak is a handheld, credit card sized ECG device that documents heart rates, heart rate variability, calculates R to R intervals, and single lead waveforms. Data collected on the device is transmitted wirelessly using a NFC reader or an NFC enabled smart phone or tablet. The user then can simply forward the information to their physician. RythmTrak is not intended to be a diagnostic device, but to be used to track patient symptoms during the active management of atrial fibrillation.

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CrossFit – Fashion to Fitness

When Laura Dziak first started CrossFit, she was mildly concerned about bulking up. What preoccupied her more, however, was doing a workout as RX’d. Today, she’s gained a total of 15 lb. of muscle but is still a Size 0.

As a member of CrossFit Reston in Virginia, the former model ditched her old image for a new one.

“I would not say that being muscular or being fit was encouraged as a model,” Dziak says. “It was all about being skinny, being a Size 0, double 0. That whole skinny-fat thing that exists where a girl is a Size 0 but she’s got no tone on her was completely acceptable.”

Not only has her body changed “for the better” since starting CrossFit, but Dziak also competed for the first time last year. In the end, she didn’t make the box’s team, which finished 23rd at last year’s Games, but she was an alternate.

“Just daily activities, I feel so much more confident doing things, lifting things that I think the average girl would shy away from,” she says.

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Fast Weight Loss workout exercises to lose 5 lbs. a week


This fast weight loss workout has 5 different exercises you do that’ll help you lose up to 5 pounds a week and once you get to a point where you are not satisfied with how fast you’re losing weight on this fast weight loss workout plan then…

You can do my other YouTube video called “Quick weight loss workout to help YOU Lose 15 pounds fast” to shock your body so you’ll break out of any weight loss plateau you’re in so you can lose weight fast again and…
Remember – The KEY THING is that you at least try to finish this fast weight loss workout and work your way up to taking less rest time between exercises – for example…

Let’s say that during this fast weight loss workout — you have a hard time doing all 15 power cleans in a row — just do about 2 or 3 at a time — catch your breath — and then finish.

Eventually — you’ll be able to finish most of the workout by only stopping in between exercises for your mandatory rest periods and…

You can go here to print out this fast weight loss workout routine for losing 5 pounds a week: and…

Guys: you can use heavier weights and do only 8-to-12 reps for each exercise with this fast weight loss workout to burn fat and build muscle at the same time and…

Ladies: you can use lighter weights and do 15-to-25 reps to lose weight fast while toning and firming up your body and…

How fast you lose 5 pounds a week all depends on…

*How much you weigh — the more overweight you are –the more weight you’ll lose each week and..
*Your diet — If you eat right and avoid bad foods like sugar, sodas, and processed & fried foods — then you’ll lose up to 5 pounds a week faster.

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When using a race analogy to describe building wealth, what word would you use?

It is a question in my personal finance class. I don’t really understand what it is talking about.

Turtle. Slow and steady.

If you wanted to put together an actionable plan for retirement (or wealth building) where would you start?

Talk to a finacial planner. They probably have one at your bank. It will cost nothing & they will help you make plans for the future. Most people can save money, the trick is where to put that money where it will do you the most good.

p.s. Thanks to my planner. l will retire in 80 days at age 59.