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How much exercise should i do per day to lose a stone in 5 weeks?

If i have a healthy balanced diet of about 1200 calories a day, how much exercise should i be doing to knock off a stone in just over a month?

+ When i say exercise i mean running and power walking etc. Also, the weather in the UK at the moment is pretty rubbish, its very cold and extremely foggy + will probably start snowing heavily soon. What other exercises can i do to lose weight effectively if the weather becomes a problem?

not only to exercise, proper diet is necessary

Jeffrey Broome Wealth Building Seminar

Triple Diamond Black Pearl Mr. Jeffrey Broome discusses life changing questions

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Nutrition and Your Mental Health

Be My Friend –

Nutrition by Natalie

Nutrition and Your Mental Health

What does nutrition have to do with mental health? You might be surprised to find out the truth behind what happens when a person has a nutritional deficiency.

Nutritional deficiencies can cause all sorts of psychiatric symptoms including apathy, low energy, irritability, insomnia, low energy, agitation, fatigue, concentration problems, aches and pains, weight changes, including weight loss or weight gain. Sound a lot like the symptoms of depression? The truth is the average American diet of fast food is low in vital nutrition that you need for your body to function correctly.

This isn’t to say that all depression is caused by bad nutrition but it’s certainly a contributing factor in many cases and poor nutrition will always make depression worse. Antidepressant drugs also do not correct nutritional problems. So if your depressed because of nutritional problems an antidepressant will only partially cover up the problem and you body still won’t function correctly.

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To find out more about orthomolecular psychiatry visit,

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Cameraman Fitness Ball FAIL

Local news blooper occurs during cameraman/floor director workout demonstration on live TV.

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Winnie the Pooh’s Funny Exercises

yeaaaah boy!
its a gootunhemer eh!
poop loop

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How to Build Wealth Using Biblical Principles – – Have you ever wondered if there is a systematic way to build wealth? Or is it just a matter of dumb luck?

I wanted to express my appreciation for getting the chance to read True Riches. I really enjoyed the real life practices expressed with Biblical principles. True Riches is a thought provoking, quick read that is sure to stimulate your mind.
Robert Loehr Vice President of Business Development
National Companies / Team National

– Did you know there are Four Biblical Principles to Build Significant Income?

– Did you know there are Three Important Tools that can leverage your Income into Lasting Wealth?

– Did you know there are Valuable Biblical Principles, which Can Guide You in Managing Your Resources Instead of Allowing Them to Control You?

This valuable information is available in a small paperback book called True Riches and other related video and print products.

As the leader of a national healthcare sharing organization, personal responsibility and stewardship of Gods resources are at the core of what we teach and believe. Rays book, True Riches, addresses many important topics which dovetail nicely with our mission, such as his teachings on debt, inheritance and self-employment. The selected Biblical passages provide strong support for these simple, timeless truths that we believers all need to embrace.
Robert Baldwin – President, Christian Care Ministry

“As a missionary, Ive always had it stuck in my mind that wealth is wrong. I.e. Why should I have money when there is so much need in the world? This book, True Riches, opened my eyes to Jesus teaching. Gods challenge is to have and use wealth in order to become truly rich. Ray gives clear principles for building true wealth as well as principles for success in life and ministry. Its time for me to read this book again.”
Bob Schneider Missionary to Puerto Rico

“Ray Traylors book, True Riches is an insightful collection of down to earth Biblical laws of wealth and financial success. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become financially independent!”
Mike Atkinson Platinum Presidential Director, National Companies/Team National

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21-Year-Old Vows To Disrupt Health Care

Anjna Patient Education founder Vineet Singal wins Staples/Ashoka Youth Social Entrepreneur Competition at Techonomy 2011.

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Official Trailer: Zumba Fitness 2, the video game

Get pumped for a sizzling at-home fitness-party! Zumba® Fitness 2 Video Game for Nintendo Wii™ rolls out beginning November 15. The world’s bestselling fitness game is all-new and next level.

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Top 6 Stretching Exercises

Dave demonstrates six key stretching exercises to help enhance your range of motion and prevent injury. hosts the world’s largest directory of sports and recreational activities, facilities, venues and classes, which includes more than 66,000 races, leagues, tournaments, camps and other recreational listings in over 80 sports and 5,000 cities all at

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what is a certain amount of net wealth after which the rich keep getting richer?

Is there data available on the pattern of wealth building? Is it that once someone makes more than 10 million dollars, for example, that they would then continue to build the wealth onwards after that point and not fall back to lower than a certain level?

I think no such magical point exists. If it did, you’d never see lottery winners claim bankruptcy a couple of years after they win.

I think no matter what your worth, bad business decisions or a bad economy (or both) can bring financial ruin. The minute you feel you’ve "arrived" is when to start looking over your shoulder.