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Should a national health standard be set and linked to our health records for the National health care plan?

Many people hate Michelle Obama’s food vision for this country but health is the most important aspect of our existence. If we had a certification process for every bit of food and drink like they do for organic food, we wood have a scientifically observable basis on which to manage health.

Can you see any drawbacks?

" health is the most important aspect of our existence."

Actually, I think it’s freedom but that’s just my opinion. Keep the government out of my life and my kitchen.

What is the best fitness program for those who want to gain weight?

I know that eating a lot alone will let you gain weight. But if someone has a fast metabolism, and doesn’t gain weight normally. What will be a good fitness program for them to gain weight and muscle?

Hey Edward, ok well there’s not one simple answer for that question, I myself have a fast metabolism too, the key is too eat a lot and maybe start taking some weight gainer supplement to increase your calorie intake. Is this just for you to know or are you struggling to put on weight yourself? If you want to drop me an email go ahead hope this helps somewhat, im a personal trainer myself so I could help

Wealth Building Strategies. A preparation with Gerald Celente and Kip.wmv Prepare your wealth building strategies for 2011 by listening in on two experts: Gerald Celente and Kip Herriage as they offer their forecasts for 2011. Listen here for the complete broadcast: bit.lyThis video does not belong to this site.

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Romney and Perry spar over health care

This question was asked of the Republican candidates in the Fox News/Google Debate on September 22, 2012.

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taunton gym fined fit n fitness

taunton gym fined fit n fitness

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Sciatica Exercises Part 1

Sciatica Exercises presented by “Sciatica Exercises Part 1” features simple, safe, and effective sciatica exercises you can do right now without any special training or equipment.

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Chuck Hughes: Wealth Building Formula Stock Strategy

This excerpt from Chuck Hughes “Wealth Building Formula” details how to select profitable stocks including: how to measure the risk reward ration, money management techniques, how to calculate a stocks intrinsic value and how to identify growing stocks. For more information, please visit

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Lack of health care and poverty cause high infant mortality in Orissa

Nawrangpur, September 10 (ANI): Health conditions have deteriorated in Maoist-affected areas of Orissa, as lack of health care and abject poverty have caused infant mortality rate to rise in the tribal-dominated districts. The health sector in Nawrangpur is in shambles due to the unavailability of doctors. Illiteracy has trapped the district in such a way that these poverty-stricken tribals have no access to health care facilities. Moreover, the rising graph of maternal deaths, mostly expectant mothers, from the tribal community has become a subject of dire concern. The government-aided health service network has failed to live up to its expectations, as the number of deaths depicts the reality.

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Back Workout @ LA Fitness Santa Monica California

This is a back workout that I did with one of my online followers, Lorenzo Serra. He is doing the Hardcore Bodybuilder Workout of the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program and I jumped in and trained with him today!

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Home Workout with Bodyweight Exercises – Looking for a great home workout that only uses your bodyweight? Well, give this workout a shot – it only uses bodyweight exercises – and you’ll quickly find out why it’s so easy to workout at home.

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