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Vastu Tips for Health & Wealth

The Indian mythological ages – Krita, Satya, Dwapar and Kali – are in fact are accounts of rise and fall of virtuous qualities through various period of history of life. Considering these aspects, the validity of Vastushastra rules can easily be traced to the laws of nature itself.

Brooms and mops are contraptions, which are involved in the removal of things. Keep them out of sight and preferably upside down. This will prevent the family’s livelihood from being swept away.

Ensure that the taps in your bathroom or kitchen do not drip. The constant dripping produces negative energy. Dripping taps signify leaking wealth.

A clear desk encourages clear thinking. It also helps boost monetary energy and creativity. The desk should be used to house the computer, phone and current paperwork. Anything else has to be considered carefully.

Make sure all clocks within your house are in working order. If not, fix them or give them away, Clock, which do not work bring your finances to stand still. Slow clocks signify that you are behind your due date always.

Always open your bedroom windows for at least 20 minutes a day to allows fresh energy to come in. If not, you will be sleeping with stale energy every night. And if that happens, then how can you expect your life to let more good fortune to come to you.

The bed should always be one foot above the ground to facilitate free flow of energy on the bedroom floor. Restriction in the flow of energy would also curtail your wealth earning chances.

Always sleep with a firm wall behind the head. This position will help you succeed in the work you do. Windows and doors behind the head are not allowed.

Sweeping the floor should be done towards the inside of the house. Never direct your cleaning actions towards the main door. This will cause a reduction in wealth.

Rubbish bins should have covers. Keep them covered all the time. Avoid garbage cans, which are perforated on the sides. Wealth energy gets corrupted otherwise.

There should be no shoes or slippers lying scattered around the main door of the house. Allow the space at the main door to be free and clear. The energy that rides with the wind will be corrupted with the dirt and smell of shoes and slippers and while entering your house will cause losses.

The money safe of the house should be in the southwest corner of the entire building. In your personal room, keep it in the southwest corner of the room’s floor space.

Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them as soon as you can. But not cleaning up as soon as possible shows a sense of incompleteness and disorganization in your finances.

Breezy windows will assist the flow of energy in bathrooms and toilets. Otherwise toilets can actually pollute energy. We have to encourage the speedy flow of energy here, wash away the pollution and replace the energy as quickly as possible.

Blocked plumbing indicates blocked financial energy somewhere in the occupant’s life. Clean up all your drains and ensure proper outflow of wastewater.

The money safe of the house should be in the southwest corner of the entire building. In your personal room, keep it in the southwest corner of the room’s floor space.

Do not have toilets above the main entrance. They generate negative energies, which will interfere with the positive energies entering through the main entrance.

Diwakar Vashist

The Price To Pay For Not Having Health Insurance In Texas

There are many people that work in the state of Texas that are having difficulty getting health insurance. One reason they cannot get health insurance in Texas is because they feel they cannot afford it. Since they don’t have high salaries, they feel it’s impossible to make ends meet if they get it and can’t pay for the household essentials.

There are many people that are in the ranks of the uninsured in the state of Texas. Having health insurance in Texas should be a high priority to those that can make a change and do something about it. What makes this terribly disturbing is that there are some companies (smaller ones that do not or don’t want to offer health insurance to their employees. They are afraid that offering coverage to their employees would eat out of their bottom line-profits for the company.

Those Texans that are uninsured tend to have a lower quality of life. Not having health insurance in Texas can tend to make people not take care of themselves like they should. If they were able to get health insurance and go to the doctor, they would be able to get quality care. Even with the clinics that offer free or reduced cost health care, they seem to be bombarded with people trying to get it. The drawback with that is you usually have to wait hours before you see someone. Money still talks when it comes to getting health care. So out of frustration, some people don’t get health care at all.

Some people may not realize that free health care is paid for by the taxpayers. They pay out massive amounts each year to take care of those that don’t have health insurance in Texas. So it’s up to everyone else that pays taxes to pay for the indigent care of others. Some taxpayers don’t really care for that. They get incensed because they have to pay health care for other people that they don’t know.

They also get incensed because their health care premiums go up as a result of it. They just don’t feel it’s right to pass it on to the taxpayers. Besides, they are the ones that work hard five to seven days a week, slaving and enduring office politics. They feel that they should not have to be the pawns for taking their hard-earned money and giving it away to pay for others, since they don’t have health insurance in Texas.

Another downside for those that don’t have insurance is that their resources are limited. They will still get some kind of health care, but it won’t be top quality like it would be if they had health insurance in Texas. Having health insurance is crucial to getting quality care in any medical facility, whether it’s a doctor’s office or a hospital.

They can’t get preventive care or if they do, it’s of low quality. Quality preventive care is the key to keeping yourself healthy. You will be able to prevent diseases from coming about. Some of the most deadliest diseases happen to those that don’t have health insurance in Texas. Have affordable health insurance in this state is an ongoing issue. It just doesn’t affect the medical industry, but if also affects those that can’t afford to get their own health insurance.

Jordan FeRoss

Heart And Fitness Training

Many people take on a fitness regime with the sole purpose of getting their bodies into shape. The added benefit of an active lifestyle is bringing your heart into optimal condition as well.

Fitness training creates a healthier heart by increasing blood flow. With better blood flow, you will enjoy increased energy and feel better overall. Heart fitness should be a priority for all people, regardless of age or physical condition. Everyone should look into the benefits of heart and fitness training.

Metabolism also receives a big boost from fitness training. Because heart and fitness training improve blood flow, the body’s metabolism works harder as well. This supercharged metabolism helps the body to burn more fat, so you’ll feel better, longer.

Not all benefits of heart and fitness training are purely physical. When your body works better and you feel stronger, your level of self-esteem will go sky high. We can all use a little ego boost from time to time; heart and fitness training delivers by giving you a feeling of pride in the way you look and the way you feel. If you tend to go through blue periods or feel down on yourself, heart and fitness training can give you the attitude tune-up you need to really enjoy your life.

Talk to your doctor before you begin any exercise regime. You don’t want to overdo it, so have a thorough checkup to determine the best training plan for your heart, and your body. There are countless pieces of fitness equipment on the market today, and it’s important to make the right choice. After determining your needs and finding the apparatus to meet them, research available gyms or fitness groups. Your family and friends will also be happy to join in the fun and become fit with you.

Fitness training isn’t only good for your physique; it’s good for your heart, too. The heart is the body’s largest muscle, so it only makes sense to give it a good workout everyday. See your doctor and begin your heart and fitness training today. You’ll be on your way to having a healthier body, heart and mind.

Michael Davis

Low Impact Exercise; is it Really Helpful?

Low Impact Exercise; is it really helpful?

It is very important to maintain a sound and healthy life. And to maintain a healthy life regular exercise is a must. Almost all of us try to make sometime to exercise everyday. With the growing requirement of exercise, a number of work-out equipments are being discovered everyday. Some of these exercise and fitness equipments often results to cuts and injuries. This has resulted to the popularity of Low Impact Exercise equipment. If you have enough space in your home you may opt for Low Impact Exercise equipment. There are three main types of Low Impact Exercise equipments. They are:

  • Exercise Bikes

This is the most popular type of Low Impact Exercise equipment. Usually these Exercise bikes are available in two different forms. This machine is best while you are taking training.

Upright form: The upright exercise bike functions like a normal bicycle. While exercising in this, you will have to sit straight up and pedal.

Recumbent form: In case you are using the recumbent form, you will have to stretch out yourself and do the pedaling. This will lessen your stress at the back.

  • Elliptical trainers

This machine helps you to experience the feel of standing on a pair of pedals as well as moving them around a wheel. Basically it is designed on the combined technology of a stationary bike and a regular treadmill. Elliptical trainers use two types of brakes; magnetic brakes and friction breaks. Usually the machines which have magnetic breaks are durable. Certainly check out the width of your stride while you are purchasing the machine. Select the machine that allows you to place your two feet closer. A standard stride width should be 20 inches.

· Rowing machines:

These machines help you to stimulate the functioning of a rowing boat. It basically strengthens your muscles and develops your cardiovascular health in the upper part of your body. The machine functions on the basis of hydraulics, air, magnetism and water. With the aid of these four elements you can use the machine in four different ways. The rowing machine works on a spinning fan. This spinning fan increases the air resistance while you use the machine. This gives you a real feel of rowing. There are a variety of models available in different prices in the market.

While you are purchasing fitness and exercise equipment you may go for these Low Impact Exercise equipments. These equipments are very good for your regular exercise. It reduces your injury and strains.


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How to stay motivated to achieve big fitness goals?

I run and work out nearly every day but when it comes to big fitness goals I have a hard time staying motivated. I want to run a marathon by next summer as well as complete a triathlon. Any tips for staying motivated?

try to finish in the top 10%

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Anna’s health stable

Anna Hazare’s health condition has improved. Doctors said that it will take 2 to 3 days for him to recover. His ketone levels that had increased and became a cause of worry have also come down.

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Vitiligo (Diet & Fitness Guru)

Michael Jackson was just one of the 4 million Americans who suffer from vitiligo – a skin disease that causes odd-shaped white patches to appear on the hands, forearms, feet, and face. See More:

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Fitness – Abs Attack Exercise Routine 2

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s free fitness site: http://www.BodyRock.Tv

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