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On Retirement and Wealth Building: Whos right, me or Dave Ramsey?

Dave: Invest 15% for retirement

CW: Set realistic retirement goals, including how much you want to have and when, and work toward them.

Why the difference: 15% may work for some people, but may deprive others. For instance, my fiance and I plan on saving 35% of our income toward retirement. We have very little debt, and live simple lives, so this is possible. We can retire sooner, and give sooner. Others may not be able to save 15% and cover living costs. Save what you realistically can.

Dave: Build wealth by investing in good growth stock mutual funds with at least a 5 year track record and by paying cash for real estate.

CW: Invest passively in stock and bond market index funds. Invest actively in private or publicly traded businesses and personal lending.

Difference: Less than 20% of actively managed mutual funds (the ones Dave recommends through his ELPs) beat total stock market index funds. Meanwhile all, 100% of them, have higher fees and turnover ratios that increase taxes. For an actively managed mutual fund to beat an all-market index fund, it wold have to substantially outperform it to make up for the fees.

Also, as you get older, you need to adjust risks. Anyone who is 65 with 100% of their wealth in stocks is playing with snakes. Bond funds are more conservative and the older you get, the more your wealth should be tied in fixed income securities like bonds.

I don’t know about you, but I dont think the average American, even if they manage money well, can realistically buy multiple real estate properties with cash JUST TO INVEST. I dont have $200,000 to plop left and right. Dave does, because he makes millions each year. We need something that works for us.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter may go public in the future. Do you think they’ll grow? Then you may want to invest money in these companies. Is a friend of yours starting a business that you think will thrive? Invest, its an opportunity. Always stay in control of your money, instead of allowing stock pickers to confuse you about whats happening while promising huge returns.

Lending money and charging interest (get a lawyer to draft the promissory notes) is a great way to grow wealth without dealing with the volatility of the stock market. You just have to worry about a person repaying the loan.

I think Dave’s strategy is a sound one for the people in the right circumstances. Like someone said above, you should have your own strategy based on your own goals and attitude to risk etc. A well balanced portfolio is always a good bet to spread the risk.

Also be sure to search for the best annuity rates when you retire as even a small difference in rate can lead to a lot of extra (or lost) income over the term of your retirement.

How to get health insurance for Dubai visit visa?

Hi, I am planning to bring my husb and kid on visit visa. I heard that the health insurance is mandatory for visit visa. Where (or how) to get (or how to apply) this health insurance for vist visa. Please advice. Thanks.

Check your domestic health insurance (if any) and bank (if you have a "premium" type account); the might include travel insurance.

If not, try the people who you buy home/car/pet insurance from; they might offer you travel insurance at a reduced rate.

In the UK, the Post Office usually has the best deals on travel insurance, but I don’t know how common this practice is in the rest of the world.

How do I keep my running fitness up during the winter months in snow?

I was wondering if there are any exercises to do to keep my leg endurance up because I live out in a country-ish area so there are no streets to run on. There is only a dirt/gravel road and we get a lot of snow. Does anyone know what my best option would be to improve/maintain my fitness?

You just have to take a step back and realize that you’re not completing a marathon and slow things up, do what you can when you can, if you can’t do your usual miles then that’s ok, just do what you can.

On those really bad snow days, you could always get a treadmill or stationary bike or just take it as an ”elected day off”’.

Myself I’m out in all sorts of the weather plowed roads or not bc I’ll be in better condition come spring time.

How do you get exercise in daily activities?

I don’t mean intentionally exercising like going to the gym or exercise videos. I mean, what do you do in your everyday activities and chores that gets you exercise? I chop and haul firewood. Yesterday we spent 2 hours gathering and loading firewood. So what do you do?

I lift boxes. Light ones, heavy ones, 8 hours a day.

Why Does Investing in Real Estate Create Wealth?

When investing in Real Estate, you may choose to buy and rent a property, or you may choose it flip it, buy and sell quickly. The safest way to invest is to buy wholesale properties that are in the sweet spot of the rental market i.e. they are not in the best or worst neighborhoods. The goal is to find an investment property with a good, or great positive cash flow. This is how you will create wealth.

Positive cash flow is the amount of money that is left over after all of the expenses have been paid on the property and what you can put into your pocket at the end of the month. Expenses that you deduct from the rent payments you’ve collected may include items such as operating costs, taxes, and the mortgage payment. The positive cash flow that one gets from a property will depend upon three different things: the amount of the rent being charged, the amount of the mortgage payment, and the cost of operating the building. To create wealth by investing in real estate, analyzing these three things is crucial.

Using borrowed money to finance your real estate investment is how many investors make a profit. They simply make money off borrowed money. One way to get good cash flow is to make a small down payment on the property, making certain you acquire a mortgage that is lengthy and low-interest. Basically, a lower mortgage payment means you will be getting a higher cash flow.

For example, if you purchase a four-unit apartment building for $125,000 and rent each apartment for $600 each month, you will receive $2,400 a month. Less your mortgage payment of $625 and operating expenses of $300, you should have a cash flow of $1,475. If, however, your mortgage went up to $925 per month, you would only have a positive cash flow of $1,175 each month. The key is to get the lowest payment possible and keep your operating expenses down.

Another method of keeping a positive cash flow is to take out an interest-only loan. This type of loan usually is a short-term loan, usually about a five-to-ten year length of time, in which you are paying the interest only. After the period of the loan is up, you will need to either sell the property or refinance. This, however, does give you a low payment and will help you to get a higher positive cash flow from your investment property.

With a positive cash flow coming in from your investment property, you can use this to help you acquire more investment properties. One way to do this is to refinance your current investment property, using the money you get to help you acquire another investment property and so on. In this sense, you are creating positive cash flow from several properties and you haven’t had to pay the capital gains tax on the original property as you did not sell it, but instead, refinanced it to help you purchase more properties.

The most important thing to remember is that if you want to create wealth by investing in real estate, you must maintain a positive cash flow on your properties. By making certain your mortgage payment is as low as it could be, keeping the operating expenses at a minimum, and pricing the rent amounts correctly, you will find that you will not only create a positive cash flow, you will be able to create the wealth you want for yourself.

Kevin Kiene

How Skinny Water Contributes to Good Health

A number of vitamin supplements and healthy drinks are available for health-conscious consumers to choose from, but none are quite like Skinny Water. With a hint of pomegranate for flavor and supplements that appear in no other vitamin drink, Skinny Water can be a major contribution to your plans to get healthy or stay healthy. If you are not familiar with Skinny Water or how it can supplement your good health, the following can give you an idea of exactly how Skinny Water can protect your body from the inside and aid you in increasing your overall level of health.

First and foremost, Skinny Water is water. The importance of drinking water as opposed to sugary energy drinks and sodas cannot be stressed enough, as water plays a major role in helping your body to work correctly and to flush toxins from your system. Water helps to keep your body properly hydrated which in turn helps to protect your skin and internal organs from damage caused by dehydration. Proper hydration also serves to remove waste from your body’s cells in order to keep them functioning properly and to avoid potentially dangerous buildups of waste material. Skinny Water offers more than just basic hydration.

One thing which sets Skinny Water apart from many of the vitamin drinks and health supplements on the market today is the fact that Skinny Water contains L-carnitine and chromium picolinate to not only help you to stay hydrated but also to assist you in maintaining a healthy weight. L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is used by the body to help metabolize fat, stimulating the burning of triglycerides and making more of these fats available to the body’s muscles for energy production. Not only does this let you burn off more of the stored triglycerides in your body but it can also help to increase your overall endurance and boost your stamina overall. Chromium picolinate, on the other hand, has been shown by numerous studies to help reduce sugar cravings and can assist you in reducing your overall sugar and fat intake. This helps keep the weight off from the fat that the L-carnitine helps you to burn. While there are a number of supplements that have been proven repeatedly to offer little if any benefit, the ingredients in Skinny Water have been shown by numerous studies to produce the results that you are seeking.

Skinny Water can be a major contribution to your health when used as a dietary supplement, helping you to control your weight and energy levels while making sure that you are receiving the proper hydration. When used as a supplement, Skinny Water can be enjoyed two to four times per day or whenever you are thirsty. It can be a great way to ensure that you are staying hydrated during exercise routines, giving you the extra boost in stamina and fat burning that you might need to push your exercise session to the next level. With only 10 calories per bottle, Skinny Water provides more benefit than many other high-calorie energy drinks while avoiding the sugar crash that you might otherwise experience after you finish your exercises.

In addition to aiding you with hydration and fat burning during exercise, Skinny Water can also be used to help you with your digestion in order to make sure that you are not storing up a large amount of extra fat when you eat. Drinking Skinny Water 30 minutes before eating can help to block carbohydrates from being stored as fat in your body while also making sure that your body is sufficiently hydrated so that it can produce adequate saliva for chewing and digestion. If you are looking for a low-calorie drink option to go with your meals, the light pomegranate taste of Skinny Water can be a great complement to most foods as well.

Overall, Skinny Water can be a major contribution to your health by providing you with both proper hydration and assistance in controlling your weight and energy levels. Skinny Water as a supplement can help you shed those few extra pounds. It is also beneficial because it can reduce your craving for sugary and fattening foods and this helps to change unhealthy eating habits, and by increasing the metabolism of fats. This helps you to trim down to the weight that you have always wanted.

There are many benefits to drinking Skinny Water and the main reason is that it helps to improve your health. Your health is improved by Skinny Water because it contains supplements that help control your appetite; this allows you to eat less. Skinny Water makes it easier to lose weight due to the appetite control supplements. It is also an excellent way to reenergize your body after playing sports or working out. Skinny Water is an excellent choice if you are looking to improve your health.

Suzanne Bradley

Free Fitness Programs That You Can Do at Home Today

There are plenty of free fitness programs to choose from but you do need to plan your workout carefully to have something that suits you. Your program will determine how quickly and effectively you can reach your goals.

The most important thing is that it should be as simple and as fun as possible, while being well suited to your fitness levels and preferences and of course your time schedule is crucial.

You can pick out different fitness programs to include in your workout routine either online or by watching DVDs. It is a good idea to have some different and not do exactly the same exercise day after day. You want to be sure you are not working only a few muscle groups. You can either do a special workout routine for a few weeks and then change to another free fitness program.
Choose a time to exercise that suits your schedule and then follow it. with this schedule you should not be constantly changing. It is best to go for the same time every day, but do not over do it even 2 times a week can be enough.

Most people prefer to work out first thing in the morning. It is a great way to wake up. But if this does not suit you, go for later in the day, but always wait at least 2 hours after eating. It is hard to do a fitness program in the morning.

A good fitness exercise program will last for about 30-45 minutes. You can include 10-15 minutes of stretching and warm-up exercises, followed by 15-25 minutes of fitness exercise program and 5 minutes of cool-down.

As an example the aerobic fitness exercise program could be done on home gym equipment such as a treadmill or exercise cycle or you could run or cycle outdoors.You do not even need equipment, there are several great free fitness programs that you can use. If you like dance or just walking, do it. Step aerobics is another option. Alternatively, the stairs in your house or apartment block can be very effective aerobic exercise equipment without spending a dime.

The key here is to choose something that you enjoy and if you do not know yet see if you find a free fitness program that is good for you. Also, do not forget to check with your doctor that your program is suitable for your level of health and fitness, if you are fit it does not matter.

Variation is important for emotional reasons too. Do what is fun for you, even if sometimes you do not have fun which is normal in my opinion. So if you like cycling, you may want to cycle outdoors in good weather or indoors when it rains. To increase the variety, a few times a week you could do some muscle building training, instead of other training excercises like walking or cycling.

Finally choose the fitness programs you like best. Free fitness programs that you tailor to your own lifestyle should increase your energy levels and put you in a better shape and you just feeling better.

Mirko van Anken

The Ultimate Weight Loss Exercise Program Formula

One of the most important things you can do when starting a weight loss routine is to develop a good weight loss exercise program. The best thing you can do is to find a program that you enjoy and is also beneficial. As most would agree, exercise is anything but enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be that way though. In the following article you’ll discover how to pick the best weight loss program for you.

In your journey for weight loss, designing a weight loss exercise program can help determine what you need to do. The first thing you are going to want to do is to write down your exercise program so you can come back to it in the future in case you need to make any tweaks. Second, you have to be a little flexible with the routine you choose. The last thing you want to do is to stand by your decision. Unfortunately, exercising alone will not bring the results you desire. One other thing that is so important is to start and stay on a diet plan.

Of the most important things anyone can do when attempting to lose weight, diet has to be at the top of the list. A person’s diet is 90 percent of the battle towards weight loss. I hate to sound like a broken record but again, diet is 90 percent of the battle. Would you go canoing without an oar? The same principle applies to an effective weight loss exercise program. The first thing you need to do is develop a fat burning diet. If you are having trouble coming up with a diet plan seek out a physician or nutritionist, they’ll know what to do.

Coming up with an effective weight loss exercise program that works best for you is not hard either. Answer this question, what is it that you enjoy doing? Could it be walking on the beach, playing soccer or basketball, maybe even playing a round of badminton. These are all good forms of exercise that you can develop a program around. You can even let your imagination go crazy here. The point is to pick something that will keep your body in constant motion. The key here is to find out what you enjoy and then make whatever that may be work for you.

When finding a good weight loss exercise program you simply need to find something you enjoy doing that requires constant movement. And please don’t lose sleep over trying to figure this out. All you have to do is pick something, develop a plan to coincide with it and then follow a fat burning diet regimen. The main thing is to never give up. Too many people let themselves get discouraged and you know what that leads to, failure. All you have to do is give the information above a whirl and if you stick with it, you’ll see results that you’ll be proud of, guaranteed.

Shane Wilson

Are those Wealth-Building programs on info-mercials worth it, or just big scams?

For people who want to be rich, or still have’nt found another job in this unsteady economy, would it be worth it to order one of those Wealth-Building programs that they show on info mercials, or are they all just scams? Two programs that sound quite tempting are, Anthony Morrison’s "Advertising Profits From Home", and also, Russ Dalbey’s "Winning In The Cash Flow Business". When it talks about the kind of money people supposedly made after ordering and trying those programs, it always makes me want to order them and give it a shot. Like some people, I’ve been out of work for more than a year, have not gotten any phone calls back from jobs that claim to be hiring, and would very much love to be rich too. Are those programs worth it, or should I just keep trying to win the Mega Millions when it goes over $200 million?

100% scam.

The only way to make money is SELLING the system, not DOING the system.

If the system was so profitable, why would the owner want to decrease his income by having more people do the system? More people doing the same system means more competition and less income for all involved in the system.

The only person making any money here is the one that owns the original website selling the system.

The "100% money back guarantee" is completely and utterly worthless. Clickbank, paypal and credit cards do not give refunds for ebooks, downloads, access, mentoring, advice, instructions, directions, virtual money or any other kind of non-tangible electronic goods, which is what is being purchased here, non-tangible electronic goods.

Just another "follow these vague instructions and you might be the one in a million that makes a bit of money doing this system" type website.

Reading the "disclaimer", "terms of use" and "privacy policy" are all very telling. Translated, they know you won’t make any money, your payment is non-refundable and while you attempt to follow the system, they and other companies will spam you with other offers.

How are you paying for health insurance if you are one of the millions recently laid off?

I know COBRA is available for many, but it is very expensive to keep up and runs only for a limited period. Questions like this have been asked before and those against governement supported health care just accused those who didn’t have health insurance as lazy losers. But with the economy crashing, the scenario has changed. If you aren’t employed anymore and have no income and little savings, what are you doing for health insurance?
TAT…I left my job and my COBRA payment was $1,200 a month for me and my family. When you are unemployed, that is a LOT of money and not "reasonable" as you describe it. Many don’t have enough money for rent and food, much less that kind of money.

There are many things that are expensive. COBRA is reasonable. If insurance is important to someone they need to make that sacrifice. I guess we should be paying for their food and homes. Those are expensive and a necessity. Where does it stop?
Bad things happen. That is life. Hard times come and tough decisions have to be made. That still does not make it anyone else’s reponsibility to care for you. And you need to talk to COBRA again. That figure, according to the guy I just spoke to , seems inflated.