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What is a good wealth building MMORPG’s?

What good games are there where you can have your own house and get more stuff and interact with other players, but is not a kiddie game like club pengiun. One for people who are grown up

It’s really hard to recommend any specific MMO game, because everyone likes something different. A game I like you may hate. Check out for a large list of these free mmorpg / mmo games. I use that site to find new games to play. Every few days I try a new game :) – It’s a lot of fun because I try everything. They have like every single MMORPG categorized nicely with reviews, screenshots, videos and more. Heck they even list the game’s system requirements!. Best part is all the games are free, which rocks.
They have a huge section for "no download" browser MMORPGs as well. All with screenshots and reviews!

Let me know if this helped at all!

How will health care be affected by legalizing marijuana?

Hey everyone. I need help on answering this question: How will health care access, cost, and quality be affected by the passage or defeat of a bill legalizing marijuana. The bill is AB 390, but i just need some answers on the affect of health care by legalizing marijuana or not. I’ve done some research but I need a little more. Thanks.

If marijuana was made legal and the government produced and taxed it, the revenue could cover a huge portion of the health care budget. The government could mass produce many different types of weed and at such a low cost because the ‘danger’ aspect would be non-existent; then then they could tax it heavily and make it cost the same it does now plus make billions a year that could be used to support health care. Not only that but it would save the DEA and many police forces and other government agencies billions just in time spent and effort wasted arresting harmless weed smokers. In New York city in 2008 it cost them 90 million dollars to arrest and detain people possessing minor amounts of weed and I can think of many better uses for that kind of money, one of them being health care.

There wouldn’t be more people using if it was made illegal because if people want to smoke weed they are going to do so anyways, but I major difference could be that less young people would smoke it because if it was legal it would be a less ‘rebellious’ drug.

Instead the USA has treated marijuana the same way they treat most things; by declaring war on it, hence the War on Drugs.

How much on average does a personal fitness instructor make an hour?

I was thinking about becoming a personal 1 on 1 fitness instructor that teaches private classes. How much does a private fitness instructor make an hour?
if by personal fitness instructor you mean like personal trainer than that site could probably help u. alot say like $75 an hr $40 half hr
that ain’t bad plus you’d be fit urself win-win deal 2 me lolz

How much exercise should I do during Phase I of the South Beach Diet?

I am starting the South Beach Diet, and plan on exercising throughout to maximize my weight loss effort. However, I know that my body is going to feel very sluggish during the first 2 weeks as it is so adjusted to having an abundance of carbs. How critical is it to exercise during those first two weeks?

I worked out about 3 days a week walking the treadmill for about 30 minutes then I lifted weights just to tone my arms, I also did sit ups and played around with the leg presses after a month of this and faze1 of the South Beach I lost 20 pounds and I got to eat more food then I normally would. I had a baby a year ago so I have some pounds to shed my husband and I will be starting the diet again on Monday! Good Luck

I think you would be fine to wait until the next faze to go to the gym just make sure to stretch and do a little at home.

Young Adults Need To Seek Wealth Literacy, Not Financial Literacy

Today there is much talk about how young adults are financially illiterate as if financial literacy were adequate to build wealth. Millions of people have read one of the best financial literacy books out there “Rich Dad,Poor Dad” yet there is a loss of translation somewhere between the sound principles of financial literacy and their utility in building wealth. Somewhere, there still is a bridge to building wealth that books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” have failed to cross. This bridge is one of not financial literacy, but one of wealth literacy. If I were a university President, I would ensure that my business program offered the following courses:

(1) How to Leverage Money
(2) The Four Pillars of Wealth
(3) How to Invest Money
(4) Gold and Precious Metals
(5) How to Leverage Time
(6) Debunking Widespread Investment Myths; and
(7) Networking

There would be several more lessons that I would provide after this basic curriculum was completed, including:

(1) The Connection Between Politics and Investing; and
(2) Leveraging Technology to Build Wealth

With an adequate foundation of knowledge in all these courses, a young adult would be prepared to build wealth without so much trial and error, struggle, or outright failure. Instead, no level of traditional institutions of education teach such courses and instead remain mired in curriculums skewed towards theory and not applicability such as statistics, economics 101, marketing and finance. If you think about it, even at the Master level, none of these traditional business or financial literacy courses will really teach any student how to build wealth. This is precisely the reason why young adults must seek an entirely different foundation in order to understand how to truly build wealth.

Various surveys that I have stumbled across that assess the financial literacy of young adults are inadequately structured because they focus too much on traditional concepts such as stocks, options, real estate, and so on versus granting an assessment on whether young adults are knowledgeable about any concepts necessary to build wealth. Being “financially” literate versus being “wealth” literate are two entirely different concepts. I believe that one can be financially literate while not being wealth literate.

The difference between financial literacy courses and wealth literacy courses is this. Financial literacy courses focus on topics such as budgeting, basic understanding of investing concepts, funding retirement accounts and so on – concepts that young adults rarely consider but still not concepts that will help them build wealth. Financial literacy courses teach young adults what they need to do to build wealth but grants them none of the tools they will actually need to successfully build wealth. Furthermore, they never inform them on actionable steps to build wealth other than common sense such as learn how to invest, max out your 401 (k) contributions and so on.

For example, if one was a basketball player, the comparable level of a financial literacy course would be to tell a power forward that he needs a good array of post-up moves close to the basket, a sweet outside shot to make opponents respect his range, a quick first step to create off the dribble and a solid defensive game so that opponents can not exploit him for being a one-dimensional player. But after telling the power forward that, there would be no further explanation but a wish of “good luck” and a pat on the back. A wealth literacy course would actually teach the athlete specifically what he would need to do to achieve success in each area of his game that would make him a premier athlete.

Telling young adults what they need to do will have little impact on improving their quality of life or making a successful transition from young adults into financially independent adults. Providing a toolkit for how to do so is far more important. To this end, seeking courses that teach wealth literacy instead of financial literacy to young adults is much more important.

J.S. Kim

Are You Sick and Tired of High Health Care Costs?

Today’s health care costs are outrageously high. If you don’t have any insurance or very little insurance a trip to the doctor can be devastating financially. Many go to the doctor and can’t pay for the service. Once they’ve been seen they will most of the time have a prescription to fill. So now comes the choice pay the doctor or fill the prescription?

I’ve been in that situation before and maybe many of you have as well. I know what I did….. I went and got the script filled and payed the doctor when I got the extra money to do so. Then of course you have the billing folks hounding you to death and all you can do is send them what you can and sometimes ya just can’t send them anything. Then the credit report gets messed up, and thus the negative chain reaction begins. Thousands upon thousands… more like millions are faced with this very decision and set of circumstances every single day.

Prescription medication is very expensive in todays society. So what does one do? You can’t very well go around sick and get even sicker. You have to see a doctor. You can’t very well go without your prescriptions. How else are you going to get well?

Some folks have to take prescription medications on a daily basis to control chronic health conditions. For our nations senior citizens there’s medicare. How much will this insurance cost? Cost will vary depending on which plan you choose, which drugs you use and whether you get help paying your Medicare Part D costs. Most Part D drug plans charge a monthly premium (an average of $27.93), a $275 deductible and a small co-pay for each drug. Some people qualify for extra help paying their costs. If you think you qualify, contact the Social Security Administration to apply.

If you don’t qualify for extra help, your drug plan may have a “coverage gap” — some people call it the “donut hole.” A coverage gap is a period of time in which you will have to pay for all your prescription drug costs yourself. The coverage gap begins once you and your plan have spent $2,510 on prescription drugs. After that, you will continue to pay your monthly premium and you will pay for the next $3,216 of your drug costs out-of-pocket. Once you reach your coverage gap limit, you have “catastrophic coverage.” This means you only pay a small amount for each of your drugs for the rest of the year.

Even those individuals on medicare are experiencing high prescription medication costs due to what is known as the medicare plan part D “GAP” which is exactly what it says it is. It’s a gap in prescription medication coverage. This is a heavy burden for our nations seniors who are on a fixed income.

Well, in the midst of all the madness there is a free health care benefit that everyone can take advantage of. NuLegacy International is leading the way with a free health care benefit that is free to everyone. It’s a discount prescription medication card that saves individuals up to 75% off on prescription medications and offers discounts on over 1,700 lab/imaging & diagnostic tests.

It might be worthwhile for seniors and everyone to do a cost analysis on their prescription drug costs and find out just how much you really are paying with medicare and other insurances as compared to the the free discount card that Nulegacy offers free to everyone as there are no premiums to pay or deductibles to meet. One just may find that the free health care benefit offered by Nulegacy international is all they need. Many use this free benefit in the “gap” period and rightly so. No one should ever pay full price for prescription medications.

Rich Ward

The Best Fitness Programs for Women

Compared to general programs, fitness programs for women are designed with woman’s specific body features and fitness needs in mind. We all realize that women are more prone to putting on fat and require more specialized technique to regain our sex bodies.

This does not mean, however, that woman’s fitness programs will be perfect fit for every single female, due to the widely different physiques amongst women. To select your best fitness program, you will need to have some basic fitness know-how coupled with a really good understanding of your own body. To get professional advice, you can always consult a doctor or a dietitian. In case you have always been in good health and is not overly overweight, you may also get a reputable fitness guide and follow through. When choosing a guide, try to get one that promises top customer services. If you are lucky, the professional support you get from a fitness expert will far exceed the price you have paid for the product.

In additional to the different physical conditions, women often have varied fitness needs. Let us take a look at what might be the best fitness programs for women in different situations.

1. For Fat Loss

To effectively lose your extra body fat, you will need to do both cardio and strength training. If you only do cardio exercises, your body will not continue to burn fat after the exercises are done. On the other hand, strength training along will only make you look more bulky because it helps you build muscle but have no effects for reducing fat. In order to lose weight fast, you also need to gradually increase the intensity of your exercises and add interval training into your program. Obviously, cutting down your calorie intake in the mean time will get you faster results.

2. For Toning

For women to stay fit, a healthy level of muscle is a must. In general, we differ from men not only in our level of fat storage, but also in the speed of muscle loss when we get aged. This means, as women, you will get weaker and more sedentary. What you can do to intervene this unhealthy cycle is to add strength training to your cardio exercises so that you can build some muscle while losing fat. Strength training includes things like weight lifting, push-ups, crunches, etc. This way, you will get toned up and feel more energized, younger, healthier and happier!

3. For Weight Maintenance

Many women have the experience of regaining the weight they managed to lose once they stop their fitness programs. In order to maintain your fitness level, you should continue to exercise yourself for at least 40 to 60 minutes a day, and experts suggest moderate to intense level of activities like gardening, cycling, running and jogging – choose some that fit your interest. If you can keep working your body like this, you are unlikely to regain the weight even in the long run.

Now, there are far too many fitness programs for women, and choosing a best one is not always easy. If you feel you need an opinion, you can simply check out the online forums, ask your best girl friend, or step into a few gyms and make a comparison. Just keep in mind that a good program is one that will work on you and that you can stick with for a long time.

Nikki Davila

Overcome Barriers to Taichi Exercise

The first age-related changes may appear as you are reaching your mid forties. However, with a healthy way of life, you may prevent or postponed many age-related diseases. Adequate exercise and a sensible diet play a key role. If you need to have any reason to start an exercise, it would be having a healthier life and enhancing years of quality lifestyle so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Finding the motivation to begin a lifelong exercise program such as Tai Chi may be a challenge for you, but you have already shown your determination to take positive steps for yourself by reading this article. As a Tai Chi and fitness coach, I can provide you with the guidance and coaching tools you need to begin a safe and effective Tai Chi program and to keep your program working for you over time. The motivation to exercise, however, must come from within you.

During my university life, endless assignment and lap reports plus research always make me feel so fatigue and mentally drained that my activity levels inevitable fall off. However, due to my regular Tai Chi practices way back before my university life, I was determined to allocate time to continue my Tai Chi practice routine even during my exam period. The main satisfaction and motivation which keep me going come from the fact that I understand what Ta Chi exercise can benefit my physical and also know I will feel really good and refreshed after my Tai Chi workout which also helps to as a form of de-stress from my studies.

Once you begin learning Tai Chi, whether Tai Chi is completely new for you or whether you have already been practicing Tai Chi and want to add a new element to your Tai Chi program, your motivation to stick with it may be challenged from time to time. In the following section, I’ll describe some common barriers you might come across in staying with your Tai Chi exercise routine and also some strategies for overcoming them.

Occasional lapses in your Tai Chi exercise program are often inevitable and not unexpected. Skipping some Tai Chi practices should not discourage you to the event that you want to give up completely. During a lapse, your main objective should be to optimize the time that you are away from Tai Chi practice and get back into your regular routine as soon as possible.


It is perfectly normally that each of us does encounters barriers to maintaining a regular exercise program at one time or another. Some of us face many barriers and commitments, and that makes the challenge to begin and stick with exercise even tougher. Nonetheless, with a strong determination and a clear goal setting, you can overcome these barriers. Some of the most common reasons people give for not being able to participate in exercise or for discontinuing exercise are

  • Lack of time (work, family commitment)
  • Lack of resources (money, location)
  • Lack of support from family or friends,
  • Unexpected or frequently travel,
  • Inclement weather, and
  • Lack of enjoyment or motivation

Indeed, barriers can be tough to overcome but it is not impossible. It’s always the question of mind over body. Regardless of what the barrier is, the motivation to address and overcome it needs to come from within you. This type of motivation is known as intrinsic motivation (Richard H. Cox, 2002, Deci E. L. & Ryan R. M, 1985) and it comes from your internal commitment to your health and overall well-being. I will share some of the solutions which can help you overcome these barriers and to avoid lapses in your Tai Chi exercise program (Kerri Winters-Stone, 2005).

Lack of time (work, family commitment)

It has always been one of the top barriers for anyone to stop or even begin any exercise program. Who say you cannot mix your Tai Chi practice into your work schedule and even your family time? I’m not suggesting for you to skip work or go off early without finishing your work just to make time for your Tai Chi practice. In fact, you can be practicing Tai Chi every minute of your time, even as when I’m writing this article.

Tai Chi is not just about the graceful and smooth movements that make it so enchanting, it is in fact a way of everyday life which includes the emphasize on the correct postural alignment on how we should stand, sit, squat, walk or even sleep. The basis of Tai Chi comes from the focus on the correct postural alignment, where the neck and spine are neutral with the body standing tall and erect and the pelvic tilts to engage the core muscles.

Once you understand this principle of Tai Chi postural alignment, you can basically practice it no matter where you are or what you are doing. Coupled with the proper breathing technique, it can even improved your concentration and focus and make you feel much more confident and mentally alert.

You can also break your Tai Chi practices into shorter but more frequent bouts. On average, a Tai Chi routine lasts between 5 to 6 minutes and that’s all you need to spare out of your lunch or tea break. Alternatively, you may even choose to practice it in the early morning just before you go to work, which will definitely make you feel more refreshed as compared to a cup of coffee.

Lack of support from family or friends

The beauty of Tai Chi is that you can choose to practice it alone, in a small group or even in large group together. The lack of support from family or friends comes mainly from the amount of time you spent exercising on your own that you tend to spend lesser time with them. To solve this issue, simply share with them the benefits which you experience with Tai Chi and invite them to join you. In this way, the family time together is not compromised and even more meaningful.

Personally, my parents together with my niece and nephews all joined me in Tai Chi practice and it has been a great family gets together. While they might not join you right away, at least let them understand more about the benefits of Tai Chi and what they can achieve out of it. It took me 2 years just to get my mum to start learning Tai Chi and now, she’s basically practicing Tai Chi basically everyday. Even when she’s doing her cooking, she would do it using the Tai Chi stance and posture. How motivating!

Unexpected or frequent travel

If you are frequently travelling due to work commitment, Tai Chi is definitely your choice of exercise workout as you can practice Tai Chi anywhere in the world! Just visit any park, garden in any country where there are Chinese and you will see people practicing Tai Chi in the morning. You will be surprised that you may even make new Tai Chi friends while travelling abroad where you will reap the additional social benefits out of exercising.

Inclement Weather

You don’t have to depend on the weather to do your Tai Chi practice. While the park or garden would be an ideal location for Tai Chi practices, especially in the early morning or evening when the air is fresh, you can always choose to do it in any open area.

Whether rain or shine, there is no limitation to the training location since you don’t need any equipment. Hence, you can do your Tai Chi practice almost anywhere where you can choose to do your Tai Chi workout either indoor with air-conditioned or even under the void deck with shelter.

Lack of enjoyment or motivation

Something you will find practicing the same Tai Chi routine getting too boring. Having some changes or adding new element such as using the favorite music you like when doing your Tai Chi helps to keep you motivated and enjoyable.

Also, you can learn new Tai Chi routines in a group so that you have more options and can alternate the different Tai Chi routines in different days of your workout. There are many different styles of Tai Chi quan with their unique characteristic which you will definitely find one of them suitable for you.

One of the main reasons why people like to exercise in a group is because they enjoy interacting with other people. Try promoting interaction during your Tai Chi practices and you will find yourself reaping the benefits of social benefits of exercise. Remember that for any group cohesion, people who adhered to a program had higher levels of group cohesiveness. It may be extremely important to the whole exercise experience in terms of making a difference in your health and fitness regime (Kennedy and Yoke, 2004).


This article has been focused on finding ways to stay motivated to Tai Chi exercise. As I mentioned at the beginning, this can be a great challenge. As with anything you do on a regular basis, it’s easier to stick to a routine if you enjoy what you are doing.

You have so many different styles of Tai Chi to select from that one of them is bound to capture your interest. You may have to try out different types of Tai Chi routines, different settings, different equipment, and so forth until you find something which you enjoy and feel motivated.

You won’t always like an activity at first, so make sure that you give any new Tai Chi exercise a long enough trial run. At the same time, don’t force yourself to stick with something you don’t like. You will only be setting yourself up to get turned off by exercise in the long run. Inevitably, there will be days where it will be hard to exercise, and you may have to drag yourself to the park. As long as it doesn’t happen too often, you can usually trudge through them. With constant motivation and a clear goal setting in mind, you will be on your journey to achieving a lifelong fitness with Tai Chi.


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KENNEDY, C. A. & YOKE, M. M. (2004) Methods of Group Exercise Instruction.

KERRI WINTERS-STONE, P. (2005) Action Plan For Osteoporosis – Your guide to stronger, healthier bones, USA, Human Kinetics. RICHARD H. COX (2002) Sport Psychology : Concepts and Applications, New York, McGraw Hill.

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